authentic salt soak
pure sea salt
authentic salt soak
pure sea salt

Salt Soak and Salt Scrub Extender

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Enjoy a relaxing mineral rich salt soak and drift away to the beach shores of Florida, with Florida Salt Scrubs pulverized sea salt!

This is perfect for those who enjoy a saltier/dryer version of their coconut oil rich Florida Salt Scrubs. As you may know, each jar of Florida Salt Scrubs comes with a generous amount of coconut oil! For some, they might want more "scrub" then "moisture" so this is the perfect solution to getting your scrub to your perfect consistency.

We intentionally created this unscented so it will perfectly blend with any scent of salt scrub you choose to add it too.  When using it as a salt soak, we suggest adding a few drops of essential oil to your bath water to make your soaking experience all the more wonderful!

Includes: 1 bag of unscented  Florida Salt Scrubs Pulverized Sea Salt (16oz) perfect for (hypoallergenic/ safe for those sensitive to scent) A perfect compliment to any 12.1oz and 23.5oz jar of authentic, Florida Salt Scrub!


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