Don't Use Spray Sunscreen Before Reading This!

Posted by Elizabeth Levy on

I won't tell you that wearing sunscreen is important, you already know that.

What you probably don't know is not all spray sunscreens are created equal. Many sunscreen sprays on the market use petrochemical propellants like butane mixed into their formula to help propel the sunscreen out of the can.

These chemical propellants dilute your sunscreen formula and can also be highly irritating to your skin, Leaving you less protected from the sun and expelling unnecessary chemicals into the environment. 

A study by the Cancer Council tested 9 aerosol sunscreens from popular brands to see what proportion of propellant each sunscreen contained. 

The proportion of propellant in each product varied, with most products from one brand containing about 30% propellant, the next brands products ranged from 38% to 60% propellant and the final sunscreen containing a whopping 83% propellant. 

This means that some sunscreen brands on the market could only contain a very small amount of sunscreen in their products! 

We did not think this was cool, so we created a sunscreen that is propellant-free! 

All of our spray sunscreens use something called BOV (Bag-on-Valve) Technology which uses pressurized air to propel 100% sunscreen out of the can. This means that you can get more use out of our sunscreen, and none of the unnecessary chemicals! 

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